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Human resource development (HRD) is the process of extending personal abilities and qualities by means of education, training and other learning
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Human Resource Practices MCQs

Human resource development (HRD) is the process of extending personal abilities and qualities by means of education, training and other learning experiences. Here on we have prepared simple Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) that covers the human resource practices, training, capital development, HR process and management appraisal with examples. These MCQs also addresses the HR best practices, functions, policies and tools both at micro and macro levels. Our prepared MCQs are beneficial for Accountancy exams, Business management exams and Competitive exams.

  1. Recruitment – is concerned with finding applicants: going out into the labour market, communicating opportunities and information and generating interest.
    1. True
    2. False
  1. Selection – consists of procedures to choose the successful candidate from among those made available by the recruitment effort.
    1. False
    2. True
  1. A systematic approach to recruitment and selection should be followed.
    1. Detailed personnel planning.
    2. Job analysis
    3. Identification of vacancies, by way of the personnel plan (if vacancies are created by demand for new labour) or requisitions for replacement staff by a department which has ‘lost’ a current job-holder.
    4. Evaluation of the sources of labour, again by way of the personnel plan, which should outline personnel supply and availability, at macro- and micro-levels. Internal and external sources, and media for reaching both, will be considered.
    5. Review of applications, assessing the relative merits of broadly suitable candidates.
    6. Notifying applicants of the results of the selection process.
    7. Preparing employment contracts, induction, training programmes and so on.
      1. (I) and (II) only
      2. (II) (V) and (VII) only
      3. All of the above
      4. None
  1. The recruitment process begins by determining the nature of the vacancies and ends with the short-listing of candidates for selection.
    1. True
    2. False
  1. Job analysis – ‘the process of collecting, analysing and setting out information about the content of jobs in order to provide the basis for a job description and data for recruitment, training, job evaluation and performance management. Job analysis concentrates on what job holders are expected to do.’
    1. The above statement is incorrect
    2. The above statement is incorrect
  1. The management of the organisation needs to analyse the sort of work needed to be done in order to recruit effectively. Identify the type of information needed:
    1. Purpose of the job, Content of the job, Accountabilities
    2. Performance criteria, Responsibility
    3. Organisational factors, Developmental factors, Environmental factors
    4. All of the above
  1. A person’s COMPETENCE is ‘a capacity that leads to behaviour that meets the job demands within the parameters of the organisational environment and that, in turn, brings about desired results’. What are the types of competencies?
    1. Behavioural/personal – are underlying personal characteristics and behaviour required for successful performance.
    2. Work-based/occupational – are ‘expectations of workplace performance and the outputs and standards people in specific roles are expected to obtain’.
    3. Generic competences
    4. All of the above
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