Basic Computer MCQs | Computer Fundamental MCQs

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Here on we have designed simply understood computer fundamental mcq and basic computer knowledge mcq with the aim to help everyone out there.
Basic Computer MCQs

Basic Computer MCQs

Here on we have designed simply understood computer fundamental mcq and basic computer knowledge mcq with the aim to help everyone out there. Moreover, we have provided computer fundamentals mcq questions and answers which make it easy to learn fundamental of computer information technology. Let’s start learning!

  1. The term “User-friendly hardware” is commonly used with a number of computer devices. In the shortest possible sentence, this term may be defined as:
    1. It is a fastest device
    2. It is easy to learn and use
    3. It is an error free device
    4. It is a user-defined device

2. ​Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) system is commonly used in the following type of business.

    1. Industrial organizations only
    2. Small scale organizations
    3. Banks and other financial institutions
    4. Retail shops
  1. If the examination of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) is taken on paper sheets then which of the following devices is the best suitable to input answers from paper sheets.
    1. OMR – Optical Mark Reader
    2. OCR – Optical Character Recognition Reader
    3. MICR – Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Reader
    4. None of the above
  1. Which of the following list is an example of pointing devices?
    1. Mouse, joystick and keyboard
    2. Keyboard, track ball and light pen
    3. Track pen, light pen and keyboard
    4. Mouse, track ball and light pen
  1. Barcode system, such as UPC or EAN, is globally applied for sales in departmental stores and other retail outlets. A sales barcode is used to identify the details of product at the cash counter. However, which of the following information is not included in the barcode printed on the product.
    1. Price of product
    2. Expiry date in terms of month and year
    3. Country code of manufacturer
    4. All of the above
  1. Storage devices are classified as random-access storage devices and sequential access storage devices. Which of the following is not an example of randomly accessible storage device?
    1. Magnetic tape drive              
    2. Hard disk drive
    3. Optical drive
    4. USB drive
  1. Some printers produce loud noises during printing process while some printers are called quiet printers since they do not produce loud noises. Which of the following is categorized as a noisy printer?
    1. Thermal printer
    2. Laser printer
    3. Dot matrix printer
    4. Inkjet printer

  1. The equipment used in departmental stores to read barcodes from products and to prepare bills by accessing necessary data from a central computer is called:
    1. EPOS
    2. EFT
    3. ATM
    4. CPU
  1. The advantages of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors as compared to CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors are:
    1. Consume low power and emit high radiations
    2. Light weight but require more energy
    3. Generate more heat and save energy
    4. Low radiation and low power requirement
  1. A microprocessor has a number of electronic components built inside it. Each electronic component is designed to perform a specific function. Which of the following electronic component of microprocessor is responsible to perform computations?
    1. CPU
    2. CU
    3. ALU
    4. CLU
  1. Every printing machine requires ink cartridges to print on paper, however, there is no need of ink in the following type of printers.
    1. Laser printers
    2. Thermal printers
    3. Dot matrix printers
    4. None of above
  1. Which of the following computer is smaller than a laptop computer?
    1. Super computer
    2. Mini computer
    3. Micro computer
    4. Notebook computer
  1. Which of the following statement best defines a computer bus?
    1. Bus is an electronic pathway along which electronic signals travel from one part of computer to another.
    2. Bus is an integrated electronic circuit built inside a microprocessor for long distance communication purposes.
    3. Bus is a type of memory that generates signals for data storage.
    4. Bus is an internal electric supply cable used to provide electricity to all components of a computer system.
  1. The “server” computer is best defined as:
    1. A server is a machine that is dedicated to providing a particular function or service requested by a client computer within a network system.
    2. A server is a machine that is used to provide the data requested by a client computer within a network system.
    3. A server is a machine that is installed on the Internet to provide a particular function or service requested by a user.
    4. None of the above.

  1. The term Multiprocessing is commonly used in computer technology that means:
    1. Use of many programs
    2. Use of many formulas
    3. Use of many users                  
    4. Use of many CPUs
  1. Which of the following is an example of volatile storage?
    1. Hard disk drive
    2. Magnetic tape
    3. Random Access Memory       
    4. Read Only Memory
  1. Some printers are ready to print and do not require any initializing time, while some printers need extra time to prepare themselves before printing that is called warm up time. Identify which of the following printer requires warm up time?
    1. Laser printer
    2. Inkjet printer
    3. Thermal printer
    4. Dot matrix printer
  1. Secondary storage devices can work:
    1. Only one way to receive data
    2. Only one way to send data
    3. Two way to receive and send data
    4. Two way to receive and store data
  1. Supercomputers are the fastest possible computers built to perform special tasks. Which of the following is the most common purpose of supercomputers?
    1. Internet Security
    2. National defense and aero space
    3. Sales and payroll
    4. All of the above
  1. When you see an instruction like “keyboard key, a plus sign, and another keyboard key” (for example Ctrl + A) to perform a function, it means that:
    1. Hold down both keys at the same time
    2. Hold and release the first key, and then hold and release the second key
    3. Press both keys in any sequence
    4. Hold down the first key, press the second key, and then release both keys
  1. Whenever you are asked to “double-click” an item on the computer screen, you need to use:
    1. Right mouse button twice
    2. Left mouse button twice
    3. Both right and left mouse buttons at the same time
    4. First press right then press left mouse button

  1. Which of the following character is allowed in a Microsoft Windows file name or folder?
    1. ? (question mark)
    2. * (asterisk)
    3. – (hyphen)
    4. All of the above
  1. Which of the following statements about operating system is correct?
    1. It controls the operation of all software including application software.
    2. It provides systems security.
    3. It provides the graphical user interface between the user and the computer.
    4. All of the above
  1. You can access a shortcut menu for most objects in Microsoft Windows by:
    1. Right click
    2. Shift click
    3. Ctrl click
    4. Double click
  1. 25. In MS Windows, which of the following utility programs provides most appropriate way of deleting unnecessary files and freeing up space on the hard disk?
    1. Disk defragmenter                  
    2. Task manager
    3. Disk cleanup
    4. Check disk
  1. You can move shortcuts on the Quick Launch toolbar by:
    1. Clicking
    2. Shift clicking
    3. Dragging
    4. Ctrl clicking
  1. The “Command Prompt” option available in Accessories of Start menu of Microsoft Windows is used to:
    1. Access any program, folder, document or internet resource
    2. Perform text-based (command-line) functions
    3. Search the entire computer for viruses
    4. Search the internet websites
  1. The purpose of Shift + Delete command in Microsoft Windows is:
    1. Do not delete                         
    2. Keep a copy of selected file(s)
    3. Bypass recycle bin feature    
    4. None of the above

  1. The bar displayed at the edge of the screen for launching and monitoring the running applications in Microsoft Windows is called:
    1. Title bar
    2. Side bar
    3. Task bar
    4. Top bar
  1. Microsoft Windows operating system has a great user convenience called “Pin to taskbar” that means:
    1. Display a pin on taskbar
    2. Show running programs on taskbar
    3. Fix taskbar at a particular position
    4. To add a program icon on taskbar
  1. Microsoft Windows operating system contains many useful programs called gadgets. Which of the following is a list of gadgets?
    1. Calendar, clock and slide show
    2. Calendar, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint
    3. Control panel, accessories and recent items
    4. All of the above are gadgets
  1. The default libraries provided in Windows to assist users in managing their files and getting organized are:
    1. Pictures, music, radio and videos
    2. Documents, pictures, music and videos
    3. Audios, videos, music and documents
    4. Pdf, jpg, MP3 and AVI
  1. The process of moving files from expensive quick-access storage facility to cheaper but less-quickly accessible storage is called:
    1. Storing files
    2. Copying files
    3. Archiving files
    4. Moving files
  1. Computer security incorporates the protection of computer systems and the data that is stored or accessed therein. A person who gains unauthorized access is termed as:
    1. Computer thief 
    2. Data thief
    3. Spammer
    4. Hacker
  1. In computer technology, virus is a type of:
    1. Hardware disease 
    2. Destructive program
    3. Hacking
    4. Loss of data

  1. The spyware is a type of software developed for:
    1. Copying information                         
    2. Deleting information
    3. Spreading viruses
    4. Displaying advertisements
  1. The command through which all programs are closed but the computer is not turned off and may be available to another user is:
    1. Shutdown the computer 
    2. Restart the computer
    3. Log off the computer
    4. Standby the computer
  1. Screen saver is a common software in use by many computer operators. Screen saver can also be used for the following purpose(s):
    1. Encrypt data
    2. Restrict some areas of storage
    3. Apply password protection  
    4. All of the above
  1. You can help keep your computer secure by changing your Microsoft Windows password regularly and using a strong password. A strong password may contain:
    1. Lower- and upper-case alphabets like a A
    2. Some digits like 0 1
    3. Some special characters like   @ _
    4. All of the above
  1. To open a document in Microsoft Word, press ________, select the file name and press ENTER.
    1. Ctrl + O
    2. Ctrl + D
    3. Ctrl + W
    4. Ctrl + F

41. In Microsoft Word following characters display somewhat thicker and darker than normal characters.

    1. Underlined characters
    2. Highlighted characters
    3. Bold characters
    4. Misspelled characters

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