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Creating text of large volume? Microsoft Word is highly useful. It is useful for creating and maintaining mailing lists, personalized documents
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MS Word MCQs

Creating text of large volume? Microsoft Word is highly useful. It is useful for creating and maintaining mailing lists, personalized documents and newsletters. Our MS word mcq questions are designed to make it easy to understand MS word. Here on we have summed up Microsoft word mcq questions and answers, including MS word basic mcqs, MS word shortcut keys mcqs. Moreover, Microsoft Word also helps to send documents to a group of people for feedback. Our MCQs are useful to competitive exams.

  1. Identify the Practical use of MS Word.
    1. Prepare a CV or job profile
    2. Create business cards and labels
    3. Write minutes of a meeting
    4. All of the above

  1. To go to the top of a document in Microsoft Word you must press:
    1. Ctrl + PgUp
    2. Ctrl + UpArrow
    3. Ctrl + T
    4. Ctrl + Home

  1. To move up only one line in Microsoft Word, use the following method:
    1. Press Ctrl + Home keys
    2. Press Home key
    3. Press Ctrl + Up Arrow keys
    4. Press Up Arrow key

  1. When your fingers are already on the keyboard for typing in Microsoft Word, it is sometimes more efficient to use the following to format text.
    1. Mouse
    2. Menus
    3. Toolbars
    4. Shortcut keys

  1. If you do not wish to keep the change suggested by AutoCorrect feature of Microsoft Word, then you may use:
    1. Anti-Correct command
    2. Off command
    3. Undo command
    4. Redo command

  1. If Word is already open click New + Blank document on the File tab. This will open _______.
    1. A new document in addition to an already open document
    2. Closes the already opened document
    3. Replaces the already opened document
    4. None

  1. You can also press ______ whilst in an existing document to quickly create a new, blank document.
    1. CTRL +O
    2. CTRL +N
    3. CTRL +C
    4. None

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